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You are yearning for seeing a different world, experiencing and learning new things; Vietnam is a right place satisfying your desire for discovery. Indeed, Vietnam is also a hot destination for students with tight budget. If visiting Vietnam, young backpackers should not miss the chance to drop by Vietnamese neighboring countries like Laos and Cambodia to have broader view on Southeast Asia and experience to their heart ‘s content as transportation is so much convenient and at a reasonable price.

Here are some tips for student travelers in Vietnam:

1 - It is suggested to try to learn how to bargain by body languages in Vietnam and at least, you should clearly understand Vietnamese currency and Vietnamese cost of living. Remember to ask the price before buying anything and using any service.  

2 - It is advisable to have an International Student Identify Card (ISIC), which helps you save considerable amount of money on entrance fees, plane tickets, and rail tickets and so on. In Vietnam, almost all museums, cinemas, hospitals and other amenities offer discounts for students, so feel free to ask for a discount if you are students and you could prove this.  
Photo: Daihocquocgia

3 - If you would like to stay in Vietnam for a long time, you could easily make a living by teaching English at English centers and Primary schools in spite of your lack of experience in teaching.  

4 - Working as a volunteer in Vietnam through NGOs is not a bad idea as it could help you to do voluntary work in an organized way. Yet, you have to pay participation fees and other expenses. Being independent volunteers is also another way to travel which is more proactive. Should you get into any trouble related to your accommodation and your voluntary work, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our editors are willing to give you best advice timely and more importantly, it is free.  

5 - You are supposed to watch out for travel scams as students are seen as gullible targets for travel scams due to your inexperience ( please do not have it in mind if you are travelling experts) and your desire for looking for a bargain. Just beware of all possible issues could happen and take time to plan a trip well, you will save money and have an enjoyable trip.

It is a good idea if you go on to find local friends who are willing to show you around or even let you stay with them in their house. It is a trustworthy website and most of Vietnamese members in the website are students, so they surely understand what you, as students, need for a nice trip. So why do you still hesitate? Just start to find more information about Vietnam right away and plan your trip.  

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