Grocery Costs

Price in this page is updated in 2020. Please note that fruit and vegetable price in Vietnam are subject to change by seasons. Meat and dairy products may also change in price by minor adjustment in minimum income or fuel cost. Products from wet markets and convenience stores may also be cheaper than standard supermarkets. These prices should thus be treated as estimation and average ones only.

Fresh Fruits

Fruits USD - CAD - AUDVietnam Dong
Apple - per kg$4VND 80,000
Orange - per kg$2VND 40,000
Banana - per fruit$0.1VND 2,000
Pineapple - per fruit$0.25VND 5,000
Lychee - per kg$1.5VND 30,000
Mandarin - per kg$2.5VND 50,000
Jackfruit - per kg$0.75VND 15,000
Watermelon - per kg$0.75VND 15,000
Mango - per kg$1.5VND 30,000


Vegetables USD - CAD - AUDVietnam Dong
Cucumber - per kg$0.40VND 8,000
Tomatoes - per fruit$0.10VND 2,000
Lettuce - per 100 gr$0.15VND 3,000
Morning Glory - per bunch$0.25VND 5,000
Onion - per onion$0.25VND 5,000
Lime - per fruit$0.1VND 2,000
Green Onion - per bunch $0.05VND 1,000
Carrot - per carrot$0.10VND 2,000
Potato - per kg$0.75VND 15,000
Coriander - per bunch$0.10VND 2,000
Bok Choy - per bunch$0.25VND 5,000
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