Common Diseases and How to Prevent

Diarrhea:  Diarrhea sounds bad and it really is. Diarrhea is especially a concern during the summer - the weather of which is ideal for viral infection.

How to prevent: It is best to avoid eating lettuce, cucumber and other uncooked vegetables for the first few days of your arrival. If you can’t live without them, buy veggies from organic stores or wash them yourself. Street food is good and a cultural experience, but knowing your stomach limit is more important.  

How to cure: In mild case, let it run its course or treat it with Pepto-Bismol. Drink at least 6 glasses of fluid to compensate for the lost water. Avoid soda and caffeinated drinks. Warm soup and tea might be alternatives. You can also seek help from pharmacists who speak English, most often found near tourist areas. If you have prolonged diarrhea, fever, vomit or stomachache longer than 24 hours, you might get infected by some serious bacteria and it’s better to seek assistance from a clinic or hospital.  

H5N1, H1N1:  Vietnam has been successful in controlling most flu outbreak, including the notorious H1N1 and H5N1. However, it is never redundant to take usual measure to prevent yourself from getting sick.

How to prevent: Avoid place where sanitary issues are questionable, or crowded place where people can sneeze on your neck.

How to cure: Avoid transmitting the disease to other people around you and visit a health care centre as soon as possible.

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