Budget Tip #8: Abstain From Tipping

Cheap prices, no tipping!

That is one of the few things you should remember about paying in Vietnam. The country is an ideal place to spend your money. Using basic services (lodging, food, transportation), a tourist  can get by a day with $20. Abroad, $20 can mean just an average meal, including tax and tips. 

Favourably, tipping is not required in Vietnam. However, this is sometimes not true when you stay in very luxurious hotels. Thus, besides bargaining, remember not to tip in most circumstances.  Unless the service is really amazing and you feel like doing some good, you can walk out without being judged.

In fact, some people, mostly in the northern provinces, are so unfamiliar with that new new idea of something called "tip", they will turn it down if given. Many can take it personally if you keep on insisting, so refrain. But the "tipping" culture is more prevalent in the southern area and many do expect it, so be sensitive and know what you are asking for.

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