Budget Tip #7: Pick The Right Bed

Now it is time to put your luggage down and rest after a long trip. Thanks to the influx of tourist in the last few years, there are a myriad of hotels in Vietnam. If you want to spend your nights in a luxurious way, in Hanoi for example, Sofitel Metropole Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel and Horizon Hotel might be some places to check out. For $200 and up, these hotels offer you 5-star services and a chance to stay in the most attracting places in the city.

There are also much cheaper hotels in the city, especially in the area of Hanoi’s Old Quarter. For $50 a night, you can enjoy your trip with a much lower budget! If you really want to economize on lodging, cheaper hotels and guesthouses for only $10 to $30 are also available. The prices are also the same in other Da Nang, Hoi An or Ho Chi Minh City, while they can be even lower in other tourism destinations.

A side note is that you can always try homestay in Vietnam. Look for a homestay opportunity through a travel agency and spend a night or two in a rural area. Staying with a Vietnamese family, you will able to experience much more of the Vietnamese culture. 

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