Budget Tip #4: Public Transit in the City

Ride buses in Hanoi or Saigon Bus is the most popular way for travelers on a tight budget. Traveling by bus allows tourists to get off at various places throughout the city and continue their trip whenever they want to. Although the crowded buses can hardly give passengers a comfortable time, it's still a favorable and convenient means of transportation in Vietnam.

If you want to discover and gain more local experiences in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, public buses are indubitable an option worth considering. You can access many famous destinations for as low as .25 USD. However, remember that public buses do not always reach the main attraction or old streets. Thus, to save your time and effort, you should get a map of the bus routes at a local bookstore. Ticket can be purchased directly at the bus stations or on the buses at low prices. Also, avoid busy bus stations where pickpocketing might be possible. 

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