Accommodation in Vietnam

Due to increasing volumes of tourism, accommodation in Vietnam has also expanded to cater to the demand of this sector.  You can find a wide range of service here, from budget hostels to five stars hotel. As a rule of thumb, big cities have a large number of choices while in small towns; it is harder to find upscale accommodation.  

Unlike many countries in Europe and South America, there is no central square where most tourist attraction and accommodation concentrates. Instead, they spread out in several districts. For example, in Hanoi, while the Old Quarter provides a range of accommodation with historic attachment, hostels and hotels near West Lake offer scenic view of the largest lake in Hanoi.  

Expect to pay at least 5 dollars for budget option and 150 dollars for luxury. Many hostels and hotels have a check in and check out time so make sure you check that in advance to avoid paying unwanted cost. Some of them also offer city tours or trips to surrounding areas. It is better, however, to shop around and ask for opinion from other experienced travelers to avoid scams.  Luggage storage is available in most places.

For precaution, lock your entire luggage before leaving them at the hostel. The details of accommodation address and contact are listed in each city’s page. 

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