New Routes Connecting Vietnam with US, UK by Vietnam Airlines

New Routes Connecting Vietnam with US, UK by Vietnam Airlines

Leaving the story of profits and losses aside, the national carrier Vietnam Airlines is aiming to open direct air routes to the US and the UK for the last few months of the year. In doing so, Vietnam Airlines will become the first and the only air carrier in Vietnam which offers the direct route to US and UK.

If things fall into the right place, there will be four direct air routes to Europe provided by Vietnam Airlines, namely routes to Moscow, Paris, Frankfurt and London, which is in the making. The destination airport for Vietnam Airlines in the UK is Gatwick, just about 46 kilometers from the centre of London. It is anticipate that the route will start with 4 flights per week and then be upgraded to 7 flights per week from 2014 (read more about the sales on this new route).

Meanwhile, the airlines with flights from Vietnam to the UK , namely British Airways, Polish LOT, Thai Airways, Emirates Airlines and Singapore Airlines still have their flight interrupted by at least one point of transit. When it comes to the air route to the US, if the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) could meet the requirement of safety in accordance with IASA International Air and Shipping Association, it is able to permit Vietnam Airlines to launch its direct air route to the US. In a nutshell, air travelers should take a little patience to welcome the new direct air routes in incoming months.

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