Eggplant Soup (Canh cà tím)

Eggplant Soup (Canh cà tím)


From any grocery stores, get two or three eggplants, 1 pound of ribs, mashed turmetic, perilla, tofu, onion, grape leave. Other seasonings include fish sauce, pepper, rice vinegar, salt and pepper.


Eggplants are cut into small pieces, soaked into salt water to remove resin for half an hour  and taken out to dry. Afterwards, we boil the ribs until bubbly with little water and wash the ribs again under cold water. The ribs are then boiled for second time with a desirable amount of water until it is softened and cooked. You can add turmeric powder and fish sauce at this stage.

Tofu, best choice is medium type, is fried until yellow and sliced into small pieces.

As the ribs are cooked, we can start adding eggplant, tofu and stir lightly. If you need more water in your soup, this is when you can add more. Don’t forget a dash of rice vinegar and a pinch of pepper. The soup is cooked on low heat for about 15 minutes. Before serving, garnish your soup with green onion and chopped grape leaves.

Tip: Canh cà tím” is usually served with steamed rice or good on its own.

Not available in restaurants unless you order in advance.

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