Baby Clam Soups (Canh hến)

Baby Clam Soups (Canh hến)


We need to prepare required ingredients such as baby clams, Chinese squash, green onion, tomatoes, dill, fish sauce, salt and pepper. Baby clams are washed carefully several times to remove dirt, and then boiled in deep skillet for 15 minutes. All vegetables should be washed in advance and tomatoes finely chopped. Chinese squash is peeled and chopped into slices.


Fried onion in oil until fragrant, then we add baby clams to stir until it shrinks and consolidates. Afterwards, we add the clam broth into the pot and slices of Chinese squash with fish sauce. Bring to a boil, about 15 minutes and add fill to finish. “Canh hen” should be eaten while it is still hot and can be served with pickled eggplant and streamed rice.

Popular food, easy to order at any restaurants.

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