Foodshop 45

The Foodshop 45 restaurant offers a wide selection of food at low price. From the restaurant, you can enjoy the fresh air and the view of the dreamlike Truc Bach Lake which is always peaceful and tranquil

Foodshop 45


The Indian restaurant is lucky to possess an ideal location on the bank of poetic Truc Bach Lake. There would be no better place to witness the beautiful of sunset on West Lake while relaxing with cool breeze and classic music.

Foodshop 45 has 3 separate floors decorated in different architectural styles. While the first floor brings visitors to luxury dining room in Europe during 17th Century, the second floor features a real Asian environment looking out Westlake through transparent windows especially suitable for romantic dinners. The third floor highlighted by antique style with wooden furniture, decorated by colorful silk on the roof.

Coming to Foodshop 45, customers would receive unique experiences with its Indian menu at reasonable price. The restaurant is famous for dishes like a variety of lassis, the always perfectly toasted naan, and the amazing chicken mint kebab are a perfect combination to melt your stress away.

Facilities & Services

  • Non-smoking restaurant
  • Air conditioning
  • Credit card / Debit card accepted
  • Take away

Menu & Price

*** This is a delivery menu - actual menu and price may differ


Sweet lassi30,000
Salted lassi30,000
Mango lassi35,000
Banana lassi35,000
Pudina masala lassi 35,000
Masala lassi35,000
Lemon juice25,000
Orange juice40,000
Soft drink25,000



Samosas (Vegetable, Chicken)30/40,000
Tofu with black pepper35,000
Vegetables pakora30,000
Onion Bhaji30,000
Aloo tikki35,000
Roasted/ fried papadam8,000
Prawn/Fish pakora65,000


Chicken Tandoori (half)90,000
Chicken shikh kebab 70,000
Chicken & spinach kebab70,000
Chicken ustani kebab75,000
Goat shikh kebab 105,000
 Fish tikka kebab75,000


Chana Masala50,000
Tarka Dahl50,000
Navaratan Korma 55,000
Vegetable Mushroom Curry 50,000
Baingan Masala 50,000
Kadhu Curry 50,000


Chicken Curry65,000
Chicken shahi korma 75,000
Chicken tikka masala75,000
Chicken tikka jalfrezi 75,000
Chicken cashew curry 70,000
Kadhai chicken 70,000
Butter chicken70,000
Hunan chilly chicken 65,000



Beef curry65,000
Beef shahi korma 75,000
Beef spinach curry70,000
Beef keema mattar65,000
Beef vindaloo 70,000
Kadhai beef70,000




Goat shahi korma 105,000
Goat Rogan Josh 95,000
Goat spinach curry95,000
Goat keema mattar95,000
Goat vindaloo 95,000
Kadhai goat95,000



Thai chicken180,000
Four cheese195,000
Blue cheese195,000
Jaspas Special195,000


Steamed Rice20,000
Mattar Pulao35,000
Kashmir Pulao 40,000
Mixed vegetable briyani 50,000
Goat briyani105,000
Fish / Prawn briyani 85,000
Chicken fried rice 60,000
Lemon rice45,000





Plain nan18,000
Garlic nan20,000
Butter nan20,000
Dopiaza nan 30,000
Masala paratha30,000
Tandoori roti 18,000
Butter chapathi 18,000





Gulab Jamun ( Indian Sweet ) 30,000
Gajjar Halwa 30,000
Ice cream 1 Scoop40,000
Fresh fruits45,000

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  • Address: 59 Trúc Bạch, Ba Đình, Hà Nội
  • Phone Number: 024 3716 2959
  • Price Range: VND75,000

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