Vietnam Online this week (Mar 5 – 11)

Vietnam Online this week (Mar 5 – 11)

Vietnam weather


After wonderful unexpected sunny weekdays, the city of lake goes back with romantic foggy weather and drizzling rain, which is known as the northern land’s spring specialty. Light rains are anticipated to visit the city Friday and Saturday at early morning and late afternoon. Humidity will rise up to 82% these days, bringing about little discomfort to ones familiar with dry weather in Mediterranean, Middle East or Africa. Meanwhile, temperature which keeps being around 16 degree Celsius throughout the three days promises a moderately cool atmosphere. Warm sunshine will come back the city in Sunday. It is time to “forget” umbrella and raincoat, and freely go out to enjoy kind of fresh and sunny early-summer weather.

Hanoi weather forecast  Mar 5 - 11 (Source: Google)

Da Nang

This weekend may be not a really good time for out-door activities in Danang because of rainy weather.The central city experiences a “stormy” Friday with heavy cloud, lightening and thunder also. Fortunately, the weather gets better and better in two next days with light cloud and little rain. The rain usually not lasting for a whole day may give tourists enough time to visit to Danang’s prominent attractions like Son Tra peninsular or the Marble Mountains. Moderate temperature ranging between 22 and 29 degree Celsius could be seen as a plus for your trip to the coastal city this week. Remember to bring along an umbrella to prevent yourself from sudden rain.

Da Nang weather forecast Mar 5 - 11 (Source: Google)

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is soaking up the fresh air and sunshine these days. However, the combination of relatively high temperature (fro 25 to 37 Degree Celsius) and low humidity of 52% makes the atmosphere fairly oppressive by noon. Tourists should avoid going out during the hottest time of the day (usually from 11.00 am to 2.00pm) to prevent themselves from heatstroke. Besides, one should use sun cream and put on long-sleeve shirt to protect skin from harsh tropical sunshine.

HCMC weather forecast Mar 5 - 11 (Source: Google)


Vietnam news

1. 9 highlighted events in Vietnam in March 2012

Planning to visit Vietnam this March? VietnamOnline’s 9 Highlighted Events in March 2012 surely helps one making the best holiday schedule. Check out what interesting things are waiting for you this month, and Have a good time in Vietnam!

2. Vietnam Airlines offering big summer discount

The leading carrier in Vietnam - Vietnam Airlines is offering a shocking discount of 50% on some international and domestic routes in thissummer and autumn. The discount is applied on tickets purchased between March 8th and March 19th, for flights from April 1st to May 31th, and September 5th to October 31st, 2012.

3. 26 countries to participate in Hue Festival 2012

Until now, there are 36 art troupes from 26 countries having registered to perform in Hue Festival 2012, taking place from April 7thto 15th. A large number of both Vietnamese and foreign medias and correspondents have registered to report the event also. Details about key programs, time, venue, as well as ticket price have been announced on Hue Festival’s official website already.

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