Vietnam Online This Week - September 12-18

Vietnam Online This Week - September 12-18

Expecting to be your fellow traveler to every destination, Vietnam Online always attempts to provide you with helpful information. As usual, Vietnam Online Weekly is here to remind you of the “should not miss out” events, introducing new posts and of course informing you of the weather conditions for the weekend. Enjoy!

Vietnam weather

Hanoi Friday is filled with autumn sunshine; you are encouraged to make the most of Friday’s fineness since Saturday is expected rain and lightening. Sunday is forecasted to be sunny with moderate temperature will end your weekend peacefully. The average temperature of these days ranges from 24-34 degree celsius, which is supposed to be ideal for travel; however the 89% humidity, which is the most frustrating thing to Hanoians during autumn, is not.


Hanoi Weather Friday Sept 16 - Sun Sept 19 (Source: Google Weather Forecast)

Ho Chi Minh City is anticipated to have a dull weekend with the temperature ranging from 24-33 degree celcius. Rainy and cloudy are the dominated condition, therefore travelers are advised to travel by bus or car instead of motorbike in order to avoid risks. Raincoats and umbrellas should be made use of these days for the shake of your health.

 Ho Chi Minh City 

Ho Chi Minh City Weather Friday Sept 16 - Sun Sept 19 (Source: Google Weather Forecast)


Hanoi Weather in September
Ho Chi Minh Weather in September
Vietnam Weather in September

Vietnam news

1. Bookworms in Hanoi must be excited to learn that there is the very first play reading coming up on 22 September at Puku. This is the unique chance for tourists to comprehend Vietnam reading culture. Check out what exact it is!

2. Under the conduction of Christoph Poppen, a distinctive style professor of violin and chamber music at the Hochschulefur Musikund Theater in Munich, on 21 September, the Young Philharmonic Orchestra – Vietnam National Academy of Music will present to audiences three works of legendary composers Wolfgang A. Mozart. Lugwig V. Beethoven and Felix Mendelssonhn. Consult for more ticket detail and schedule.

3. Yearly international food and hospitality trade event with the participation of more than 70% foreign exhibitors is coming up. It is expected to draw a lot of attention of many Vietnamese and foreign people working in hospitality, tourism and food industry.

4. Vietnam Airlines has launched a new promotion program to celebrate International Tourism Exhibition 2011. Return ticket from Ho Chi Minh city to many cities all over the world can be purchased at lowest price during 14th to 20th September.

5. A rare and precious ballet performance by English National Ballet is the most exciting cultural event expected in September. Ballet lovers are highly recommended to jot down the schedule to enjoy it.

Vietnam food

Vietnam delicacies are regularly updated by Vietnamonline to perfect Vietnam cuisine in the eyes of tourists. Check out our mouth-watering new dishes such as Day Cake, a speciality of HMong ethnic group or Xeo cake in Quang Binh to make sure you will savor it when you come to the destinations.

Vietnam blog

Hanoi is famous for its crazy traffic, yet tourists are curious to discover how crazy it is. Come and experience the craziness yourselves and come back with the most proudly terrific thing to tell your family and friends. Read our Blog "Hit me up, Jam me in" for some more insiders' views.

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