Live the childhood memory with Japanese anime exhibitions

Live the childhood memory with Japanese anime exhibitions

In Vietnam, there are certainly a large number of fans of Japanese manga and people who simply adore popular anime characters like Pokemon, Doreamon or Astroboy.

The hobbyists are now given the chance to understand more about their favorites animated idols as well as their connection to Japanese cultural via a serial exhibition named “Japan – Kingdom of Characters”.

The event is organized by Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam with special exhibitions in three large cities including:

Hanoi: 05 – 23 October 
Location: Vietnam University of Fine Arts (66 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Dong Da District).

Hue: 01 – 13 November
Location: Ho Chi Minh Museum (3 Le Truc Street)

Ho Chi Minh City: 24 November – 04 December
Location: Ho Chi Minh City Museum (corner of Ly Tu Trong and Nam Ky Khoi Nghia).

In these exhibitions, top famous Japanese anime and manga characters representing different periods of Japanese animation such as Astro Boy or Ultraman in 1950s-1960s, Hello Kitty in the 70s, Doreamon in 1980s, Maruko Chan in the 90s and Pokemon in 2000s are present. The objects are in diverse forms including DVDs, statue, poster and standing figures. The events are expected to bolster the already cozy relationship between Vietnamese culture and that of Japan, as well as introducing more insight view on Japanese animation industry in both history and future.

Japanese manga has been developed since the 1950s and has become greatly influential not only in Japan but also across the borders. Various Japanese animated characters, like Hello Kitty, Pokemon, Doreamon or Son Goku, have gathered world wide following of millions of people around the world and become global sensations. In Vietnam, the popularity of Japanese anime idols gains a foothold in the 90s when the first manga comics are published and further increases with the higher availability and diversity of Japanese animation.

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