KIRIGAMI masterpieces to be exhibited in Hanoi

KIRIGAMI masterpieces to be exhibited in Hanoi

Information from Japan Foundation in Vietnam shows that an exhibition entitled “World of KIRIGAMI: Hundreds of characters, dozen thousands of petals” is projected to be held at this center in Hanoi from September 22 to October 21, 2012.

Being exposed at the exhibition are outstanding KIRIGAMI masterpieces by the well- known artist Kanako Yaguchi. These include those which create the reputation of Kanako, as well as those that are made during the time she stayed in Vietnam.  

Besides the main exhibition, there is also a brief talk with the artist at the opening ceremony at 6:00pm on 21 September, at which Kanako shares her knowledge and feeling about Vietnam and KIRIGAMI.

Kanako Yaguchi was born in 1976, currently one of the most famous KIRIGAMI artists in Japan. Her works are highly appreciated because of not only the diversification, but also the breath of modernity. Kanako has published many books about KIRIGAMI and also appeared frequently on Japanese TV to instruct audience making simple KIRIGAMI at home.

KIRIGAMI is a traditional art of Japan, which includes “kiri” (means “cut”) and “kami” (means “papers”). This art uses folding and cutting method to create completed paper pieces with simple design like snow or stars to complex model such as flowers or lantern. KIRIGAMI artworks are seen widely at various festivals of Buddhism and Shinto in Japan, as well as other traditional holidays in Japanese culture.  

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