Hanoi Museum of Ethnology to hold special event at Mid-Autumn

Hanoi Museum of Ethnology to hold special event at Mid-Autumn

On the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival 2012, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, in association with People Committee and Center of Culture and Sport of Hoi An Town, hosts a special event named “Having fun with traditional toys”. The event is projected to be held at this museum in Hanoi in two days, 29 and 30 September 2012.

Various activities predominantly focus on food and toys for children are expected here. Visitors can learn to make traditional toys such as star lanterns, baking Mid-Autumn cake and settling a meal for this occasion under the instructions of experts and craftsmen.

Especially, guests to this event can also experience the most outstanding features of Hoi An, particularly Hoi An in time of Mid-Autumn, right at the center of Hanoi. Those consist of tangible specialties like cakes or lanterns, as well as intangible ones such as Thien Cau dance or Quang Nam traditional singing.

Mid-Autumn Holiday is the most exciting event in a year for Vietnam children, held in 15th of August accordingly to lunar calendar. At this occasion, people often run various activities such as lion dance, meal settling or moon watching. When the moon is at the highest in the sky, it means time for children to deal out all cakes and fruits, sing and dance until their eyes can not help closing for sweet dreams. 

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