Lang Son

Lang Son is a northern province of Vietnam which borders Cao Bang Province to the North, Sung Ta Province (China) to the northeast, Bac Giang Province to the south, Quang Ninh Province to the east, Bac Kan Province to the West and Thai Nguyen Province to the southwest. With two international border gates, Dong Dang and Huu Nghi, Lang Son holds an important position in Vietnam economy. In addition to the two gates, the province also possesses 7 markets along its border with China.

In general, about 80% of the province’s area is mountains. The most popular terrain is low mountains and hills, which usually have an average height of 252m above the sea level. The lowest point in the province is 20m high; it is in the area of Huu Lung district. In contrast, with a height of 1541m, Mau Son Mountain is considered the highest peak in Lang Son. The most mountainous part of the province is Mau Son, which is 30km away to the East of Lang Son City. Mau Son is famous for its spectacular terrain made of many mountains of various sizes. Sometimes, you can even find snow there, a quite rare phenomena in a tropical country like Vietnam.

The seasonal climate of Lang Son is similar to that of other provinces in northern Vietnam. In different seasons, the temperature is distributed pretty disproportionally because of the complex terrain. However, the annual average temperature is still about 17-22oC and the annual average precipitation is 1200-1600mm. The annual average humidity is from 80 to 85%.

According to the National Demographic Survey in 2009, the population of Lang Son is 831,887 people. There are 7 ethnic groups residing across different districts of the provinces. They include Nung, Tay, Kinh, Dao, Hoa, San Chay, and H’mong. Even though the populations of these groups are not the same, their deeply root cultures and traditions distinguish them clearly from one another.

Nowadays, Lang Son is considered one of the most potential provinces of Vietnam in term of agriculture development, natural resources, trading, and especially tourism. The province takes pride for its many natural and historical sites reflecting the diverse nature of its culture: the Bac Son Culture Site, the Mai Pha Culture Site, etc. Besides, it is hard to miss the province’s famous sights that have gone into Vietnamese literature and music such as Dong Dang, Ky Lua, To Thi, Tam Thanh.

Weather / Temperature:
Humidity 89%
Wind 1.57 km/h
Sunrise 05:26 AM

Lang Son Travel Guide

Frequently asked questions

What are specialties in Lang Son?

Lang Son has a lot of specialties that you can bring home such as: Mau Son wine, honey, Mau Son peach, Chi Lang custard apple, Bac Son tangerine. You can also enjoy some delicious local dishes here like Lang Son roasted duck, sour noodle (“pho” chua), Huu Lung grilled rolls, Cao Sang cake or Ngai cake.

What to see in Lang Son?

Apart from the gorgeous natural landscapes, Lang Son is a place for spiritual tourism. You can refer to some attractions below:

- Mau Son mountain (recommend to visit in winter)

- Tam Thanh pagoda/grotto

- Ky Cung temple

- Mac Dynasty citadel

- Dong Dang temple

- Nhi Thanh grotto

- 4 border gates (Chi Ma, Binh Nghi, Tan Thanh, Coc Nam)

- 4 border markets: Tan Thanh, Dong Dang, Ky Lua, Dong Kinh

How to go from Hanoi to Lang Son?

There are 3 ways to travel to Lang Son from Ha Noi:

- By local bus: You can find a bus from My Dinh, Gia Lam or Luong Yen bus station with a very reasonable price from 100,000 – 170,000 VND/person/way.

- By train: It takes you around 4-5 hours and costs you around 80,000 to 120,000 VND/ticket/way by train. You can choose DD3 train at 6:00 am or HDR1 train at 9:45 am.

- By private vehicles (car or motorbike)

When should you travel to Lang Son?

You can visit Lang Son at any time of the year. if you would like to join some traditional festivals, you can come in January according to Lunar Calendar. If you want to see the golden rice fields, you can come at the end of July or November. You should check the weather forecast carefully during summer time to avoid storms and heavy rains.

Where is Lang Son? What is Lang Son famous for?

Lang Son is located in the Northeast of Vietnam and about 180km from Hanoi. With 2 international border gates, 2 national border gates, and 7 border markets, Lang Son is well-known by visitors from some neighboring countries. However, this place also has a charming landscape and many historical sites that have been preserved for a long time, so it gradually attracts more and more Vietnamese tourists as well.