The fortress of the Mac Dynasty

The Fortress of the Mac Dynasty is located in Tam Thanh district of Lang Son Province.

This used to be one of the most important military constructions in the feudal period of Vietnam history. Nowadays, it is ranked as a national site and is being renovated to welcome tourists from all over the country.

The most prominent part of this site is two long stone walls running between the cliffs of mountains. According to many researches of historians, the walls that we see nowadays are the vestiges of a vital military center standing between the northern part and the southern part of the country. It was erected by Mac Kinh Cung in the beginning of the 16th century to handle the Le-Trinh dynasty which was always in an opposing position against the Mac Dynasty. Even though the scope of the fortress is not so great, it is still an evidence of a tumulus time in the history of the country during which the “brothers in a family” fought against each other.

Standing on the peak of the fortress which lies between two spectacular cliffs, you can spread your view all over a natural, untouched yet mysterious area. You can also notice from the high walls many dangerous spike traps surrounding the fortress. All of these elements of the fortress enabled the Mac Dynasty to rule and keep the border safe for nearly one century.

Useful Information

  • Location: The Fortress Of The Mac Dynasty In Lang Son
  • Best for: Adults, History Buffs
  • Entrance: Free
  • Hours: Day time visit is recommended
  • Distance to city center: 1.5km (0.9 mi)

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