Wild Lotus

55A Nguyen Du

Cuisine: Vietnamese, Diner, Lunch,

  • Cost 6
  • Food 8
  • Decor 8
  • Service 7


Wild Lotus lays silently on one of the most beautiful and crowed streets in Hanoi; the adverb “silently” is used because unlike sparkling appearance of its competitors on the same street, that of Wild Lotus is no more than a normal restaurant. However, customers who go through the restaurant’s door would be amazed by a completely different space – a world of luxury and pinnacle of the installation art.

Customers of Wild Lotus may wonder whether the owner of this restaurant an artist since its interior is a harmonious combination of the ancient Hanoi and natural world with the sound of flowing stream below a small wooden bridge; wild lotus lake right in front of the second floor hall or small Vietnamese styled decorations every here and there.

The scene here promises customers most relaxing meals ever while its foods and beverage haven’t disappointed anyone. A word to describe the menu of the restaurant could be “unique” because although dishes here are Vietnamese traditional cuisine, they are all added with additional ingredients and individual cooking technique of talented chefs.

Some suggested dishes are corn soup; celery with crab won tou; shrimp roll salad or shrimp rolled with vermicelli and plum sauce. 



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PRICES VND 150,000


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