Sen Tay Ho (West Lake Lotus)

614 Lac Long Quan

Cuisine: Vietnamese, Buffet, Diner, Lunch,

  • Cost 8
  • Food 9
  • Decor 8
  • Service 8


The restaurant is proudly to be one of the biggest buffet restaurant in Vietnam which can serve more than 1200 customers and above 200 dishes of different gastronomical styles from Vietnamese to European and Eastern Asian cuisine.

Sen Tay Ho is a chain three buffet restaurants:

> International Buffet Restaurant where you can try excellent foods from well-known cooking styles in the world;

> Hanoi Buffet brings you to an ancient corner of Hanoi where you can see traditional food-serving stalls of Vietnam. The menu of Hanoi Buffet bases mainly on high-quality sea-foods with complicated cooking art like Baked Lobster, Tu Hai, So Diep and Tuna and Salmon Shashimi, etc.

> Luxury Star Buffet is opened exclusively at weekends provides an distinctive eating experience with rare dishes one can only taste in Vietnam like Grilled Trionychid Turtle, Sake-steamed Crab, Goose Liver and Frog hot-pot. Also, both the menus of International Buffet and Hanoi Buffet restaurant are available here. Additionally, customers may entertain music shows of Vietnamese pop stars while eating.

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HOURS 11:00AM - 10:30PM

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PAYMENT METHODS Cash, Credit Cards, Bank Transfer

Special Features Buffet restaurant


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