Quan An Ngon

15 Phan Boi Chau

Cuisine: Vietnamese, Diner, Lunch,

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The name “Ngon” means “Delicious”. What a simple but truly descriptive definition of the food here. A variety of specialties and street food from three regions of Vietnam are served such as shrimp-mince pork grilled on the sugar cane, rice steam rolls, fried crab spring rolls, clams, shrimp, beef pho, fresh spring rolls. If you are a fan of Vietnamese food, it is a must-go place in Hanoi.

The restaurant occupies a large area and there are many stalls on the way round so that the food can be ready to serve. The tiled roof and the trees feel peaceful and the design exactly imitates Hanoian old quarters. A con of the restaurant is that in hot summer noon there are only ceiling fans in the stalls and limited rooms are equipped with air-conditioners.

Ngon is among the most affordable restaurants in Hanoi. The price ranges from VND 5000- VND 105000, about $ 10 per customer for a full meal with drinks. However you have to pay VND 3,000 for the motorcycles or $30,000 for car keeping service, again, a minus for Ngon.
The service is not the best. It just takes you 5’ to look for a table but in busy hours, you have to wait in line for a long time to be served though not occasionally. Book your table in advance if your crew is large. Putting aside some small grits, in a whole, it’s a good restaurant.


Take Phan Boi Chau St first. Keep going until you pass the intersection of it and Ly Thuong Kiet St. Go straight for a short distance. Then you will see the restaurant on the left hand side



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