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There will be sudden heavy rain for Hanoi this weekend. This is sort of unusual feature of weather in Hanoi since this is considered dry season. However, except the short rainy times, the weather in Hanoi could be ideal for outdoor activities with light sunshine and average level of humidity. The temperature is also pleasant with about 25oC in average and ranges from 23 to 30oC.

Hanoi weather forecast Nov 9-11 (Source: Google)

Da Nang

While Saturday could be a comfortable day with perfect bright sunshine, Sunday is predicted to be a rainy day. However for the both two days, the temperature ranging from 23 to 30oC is considered reasonable.   

Da Nang weather forecast Nov 9-11 (Source: Google)  

Ho Chi Minh City

Rainy things might be a little obstacle for travellers this weekend. However wonderful tropic things are supposed to make up all of that. Just remember to carry with you umbrella or choose the appropriate vehicles when going out. The temperature seems to be reasonable ranging from 23 to 34oC. 

HCMC weather forecast Nov 9-11 (Source: Google)

Vietnam News

Vietnam’s Cultural Heritage Day Highlighted by Cham Culture

This year, the Vietnam’s Cultural Heritage Day is going to take place on November 23 in the Culture – Tourism Village of Vietnam ethnic groups in Son Tay, Hanoi. The highlight of the festival is Cham culture, which includes a series of activities such as Kate Festival and wedding reproduction of Cham people.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum reopens on 7th November

From November 7th, the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum officially reopened to the public after a temporary close for periodic maintenance. The site is always the most favourite attraction of the capital city, which attracts approximately 6,000 tourists per day.

Hue Airport to close for reconstruction

As announced by the Airport Corporation of Vietnam, Phu Bai International Airport in Hue City is going to close for its runways renovation in order to serve more flight to this ancient capital. Accordingly, tourists travel to Hue by airplane might have to arrive at Da Nang International Airport, and then be supported by the Hue Department of Transportation to move to the city later on.

Vietnam Airlines boosts 1000 flights for Tet

In order to solve the frequent lack of domestic airplane tickets during Tet in the recent year, the Vietnam Airlines Corporation is planning to increase 1,000 more flight in this peak season. The number of seats for the top ten popular domestic routes, for example Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh City; Da Nang – Ho Chi Minh City – Da Nang; and other 8 routes from Ho Chi Minh City to provinces in the Central and Southern parts of Vietnam, are promised to increase by 2 – 3 times compare to the normal rate. Customers who are interested in this plan may book for ones’ ticket now.

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