Vietnam among world's best places to retire

Vietnam among world's best places to retire

The popular US News has recently published a list of 18 most worthwhile countries to retire in the world. Vietnam, along with Thailand and Malaysia, are the only countries in Asia to be included in the list.

Countries are selected upon several criteria: reasonable cost of living; available physical, intellectual and social activities; and opportunities for growth. 

Kathleen Peddicord, the author of the article, has spent 25 years researching on retiring heavens around the world and published numerous work on the topic. According to Peddicord, Vietnam is a growingly popular choice for retirement. Among all destinations, Nha Trang is particularly enticing for the beautiful coastal landscape, inexpensive cost of living and high chance of interactions with the locals. 

2012 can be considered a promising year for Vietnam's tourism, as the country is named in the top list of many countries including Australia and the US.

More information can be found on Kathleen Peddicord's "The 18 best places to retire overseas".

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