“Long Bien Bridge – Past and Present” exhibition from December 19th

“Long Bien Bridge – Past and Present” exhibition from December 19th

For any people in Hanoi, Long Bien Bridge has become a symbol for hundred fo years. It is simply because this is not just a bridge, but a historical witness of all change and vicissitude of this city.

The picture exhibition “Long Bien Bridge – Past and Present” could be an event that Hanoian, and people who loves this famous historical sight, should not miss. The expo presents about 169 painting artworks of 171 artists, including 111 members of Hanoi Fine Art Association and other 60 painter from different generations of Hanoian. These pictures were made from reality trips organized by Hanoi Fine Art Association, with inspiration of past and present to this historical destination.

Long Bien bridge

Participating in this exhibition give visitors chances to witness change of Long Bien Bridge reproduced by painting language of painters, and understand more about the importance of this destination on Hanoian lives. Love of people in Hanoi for this historical bridge is expected to be expressed intensively there.

The exhibition was started on December 19th 2011, and lasted until December 29th at Exhibition House (93 Dinh Tien Hoang) and office of Hanoi Literature and Art Association (19 Hang Buom).

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