Home Visit Tours with Hanoi Students

Home Visit Tours with Hanoi Students

Since the mid July, 2011, foreign tourists who want to discover Vietnamese’s lifestyle and culture together with the local ones, can make their dream come true by joining the “Home Visit Tour”, launched by Hanoi Kids and Students in Free Enterprise of Hanoi University (SIFE HANU). This project is a non- profit one, which aim to give foreigners a unique chance to experience the local people’s daily life, and explore Vietnamese history, culture, religion through visiting, having dinner and talking to local family members.

While enjoying the dinner with typical Vietnamese dishes, the tourists are explained about ingredients, the way to cook and how Vietnamese have those dishes. Besides, the guests also have the opportunity to see how three different generations in a Vietnamese extended family can live in harmony. Tourists may get interesting contemplation and comparison between Vietnamese and modern Western lifestyle and culture.

Surely, the Home Visit Tour is an interesting, cost- saving and easy for tourists to join it. The tour takes place 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm daily in Hanoi. Each group of two to eight tourists can be transported from their hotel to the host family by various transportation means like cyclo, motorbike, taxi or bus.

For more information, please email hanoi.homevisit.tour@gmail.com , or contact Mr. Minh (+84)1674104618 or Ms. Hien (+84)916448068.

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