All nationals invited to create a logo for My Son

All nationals invited to create a logo for My Son

Though honorably recognized as a World Cultural Heritage Site in 1999, My Son has yet had a formal symbol, and it is the first time a competition to create one the holy land was held.

The competition is organized under the collaboration of UNESCO Office in Hanoi and the Management Board of My Son Relics and Tourism to look for the best idea for a symbol of My Son. The organizers welcomes participation of all Vietnamese citizens and other nationals. Participants will have until the 30th of October 2011 to send their bids to the Management Board of My Son Relics. It should be noted that one participant may choose to send just one or even a number of designs to the competition.

The evaluating time and rewarding ceremony will take place from November 1th to November 30th. There is currently no word of how much the prize runs for.

Vietnam's lack of diversification in tourism promotion, which is seen as a major weakness of the industry, limits its development for many years. Formal logo, slogan and promotional video are essential elements in a tourism marketing campaign that brings attractions closer to the tourists.

The success of this competition will likely lead to a brighter future for Quang Nam tourism, and My Son in particular.

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