The Vibrant Red Flamboyant Festival in Hai Phong

The Red Flamboyant Festival in Hai Phong 2024 aims to introduce the city’s historical, cultural, and tourism traditions, besides, improving and promoting the quality of tourism products for tourists domestically and internationally.

The Flamboyant Festival in Hai Phong 2024 (Image: Nhan Dan)

With local citizens, this event not only marks special milestones of the city but also contributes to evoking pride and love for their homeland. 

The festival's holding time this year coincided with the 69th Anniversary of the Hai Phong Liberation (May 13, 1955 - May 13, 2024) and the recognition of Cat Ba island as a World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO. 

The highlight of the festival is the night program “ Hai Phong - Bung sang mien di san”, which will take place at 8:00 pm on May 11. 2024. This is also the first time to be held at the Central Political-Administrative Square, Bac Song Cam area, Thuy Nguyen district, Hai Phong city. The event is even more exciting with the fireworks display lasting 15 minutes. 

It promises to be an art program, which is meticulously planned and crafted with monumental quality. Each presentation showcases the values and characteristics of Hai Phong, exuding legend, history, cultural heritage, and its citizens. All are displayed combined with AR technology. 

The program invites tourists to come to Hai Phong thanks to the performances of Vietnamese artists and singers. It can be mentioned as Thanh Lam, Thu Phuong, Tung Duong, and others.

 Moreover, security, social safety, food hygiene, and environmental protection will be strictly adhered to ensure a safe and comfortable atmosphere for all visitors throughout the festival. 

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