Vietnam reach 8 million tourists within 5 days

According to the updated information from the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism on the 5-day holiday, Vietnam welcomed a total of 8 million tourists. This impressive number is a result of the movements of tourists from hot weather locations to areas with more temperate ones.

Many tourists choose Sam Son beach as their holiday destination this year (Image: CafeF)

During 5 days from 27th April to 1st May, it was estimated that 8 million visitors chose to travel for their holiday, increasing 14.2% compared to the same period of the last year. Among these, up to 3.6 million visitors stayed overnight. 

The significant increase in tourist numbers during this year’s holidays reflected the development of infrastructure in accommodation facilities and the convenience of transportation options as well which must be mentioned as taxis, buses, airplanes, and trains. 

Moreover, applying tourism promotion policies has played a crucial role in attracting tourists to new destinations allowing them to experience the natural and cultural beauty of these places. 

Also, this year’s holiday witnessed a trend of self-driving tourists to nearby destinations to explore more proactively in their trips. With this trend, all meticulous and high expectations about the trip are left behind. The essence lies in the spontaneity of the moment – when the urge to wander strikes, you simply heed the call and hit the road. 

Fortunately, the security situation, environment, and food safety are still strictly adhered to. 

The significant shift in quantity, demand, and seasonal tourism patterns has contributed to the creation of multiple options for new products and trends for both domestic and international tourists. This, in return, has enhanced the desire to explore the captivating landscape dotted throughout Vietnam. 

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