Unique video sector to premiere on first anniversary

Unique video sector to premiere on first anniversary

Dawn could not have come soon enough!

After much sweat, tear and even bitter pain, our production team has finally realized our dream.

Vietnam Online is proud to introduce the first-of-its-kind video sector, one so unique, confined and dedicated to the Vietnamese culture and the experience of traveling in our homeland. We are proud to announce that VNO channel is the very first of its kind aimed squarely at promoting Vietnam tourism to an English-speaking audience. There is nothing else like what one may find here!

Our video sector includes two parts: reports with live presenters and short video clips. Both are highly descriptive and go deep into exciting issues, culturally and geographically. Our goal is to provide viewers and travelers with the most up-to-date, first-hand experience of the Vietnamese culture, her people and her charming beauty.

One may find our videos at both www.vietnamonline.com and on www.youtube.com/VNOchannel. Feel free to search in criteria, location and on specific issue. Our database will be frequently updated.

Thanks to the work of producer Nam Nguyen, editor Huan Hoang, videographer Do Thanh, and various other contributing hosts that have made this dream come true. It has been too long! Now, finally, travelers have a sense of what the true Vietnam is. But it could not have been without that free-mind wandering crowd either.

Our patrons are our source of inspiration. Do you have an idea of what makes for a good video? Do you want to see more of a particular issue? Or simply want to join the cast in our production?

Please send your comment and suggestion to our producer at: namnguyen@vietnamonline.com. We will try our best to heed your call as soon as the situation allows.

Enjoy watching! 

(And sing with us, Vietnam Online Editors, the Happy Birthday Song, too!)

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