The very first play reading to take place in Hanoi

The very first play reading to take place in Hanoi

Bookworms in Hanoi are expected to join a very first play reading on Thursday 22 September at Puku, 16 Tong Duy Tan, Hanoi, organized by Hanoi International Theater Society. The activity is promising an exciting night, when book lovers can be lost in the atmosphere of friendly literature exchange.

Within 3 hours of the evening, plays excerpts will be read and then lively performed by both readers and participants. Readers will be divided into groups and led by members of Hanoi International Theatre Society’s board. Audiences are encouraged to read themselves and even take the stage if they wish. Reading, listening and laughing are certain to be the major characteristics of the night.

In the internet-driven world, this opportunity is considered rare and precious. Come and grab a glass of wine and appreciate the legendarily classic plays in between hustle and bustle Hanoi. International visitors can seize the chance to comprehend Vietnamese reading culture.

The entry fee is VND 50,000.

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