Special exhibition on Dong Son Culture to be held in Hanoi this month

Special exhibition on Dong Son Culture to be held in Hanoi this month

Have heard of Dong Son bronze drums but haven’t got a chance to see a real one? Come to Dong Son Fine Art Exhibition in Hanoi and admire even more than the drums, about this great era in Vietnam’s Prehistory. 

The exhibition isco-organized by Vietnam University of Fine Arts and the Centre for Southeast Asian Prehistory, lasting from 26 Sep to 3 October 2011, at Viet Art Center (42 Yet Kieu, Hanoi). The main purpose of this event is to provide guests with a holistic view of Dong Son Culture and the development of prehistory in Vietnam.

9 days of the exhibition is dedicated to exposing a hundred of historical relics that represent Dong Son Culture including weapons, tools, house models, instruments and especially valuable items such asbronzedrum and cranes. In addition, recent results of researches on this age and short lectures on Dong Son Culture will also be provided.

Audiences coming to this exhibition are not only able to learn a visual lesson on Vietnam’s Prehistorybutbe inspired by the national pride and be stimulated to preserve elites of Vietnam’s history as well.

Dong Son Culture was formed and developed 4000 years ago in the North and North Middle of Vietnam. It is considered one of the most prosperous eras in the prehistory of Vietnam with substantial achievements in all aspects from agriculture to militant technology, culture diversity and society development. Historically, it is a crucial base for the creation of Van Lang kingdom, which was the first nation of Vietnamese in 2,879 BC.

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