Premiere of the Album “Hanoi Love Stories”

Premiere of the Album “Hanoi Love Stories”

The debut of one of the leading electronic music composers’ first album titled “Hanoi Love Stories” is going to take place at Barbetta, 34c Cao Ba Quat Street, Hanoi at 8.00 pm, September 17th, 2011.

Besides introducing the songs in the album, Tri Minh is going to share some of his inner thoughts about music. Audience coming here will have the opportunity to enjoy a live performance by the man himself and guest artists like Truong Que Chi, Trung Dong and Ha Dinh Huy.

Tri Minh’s “Hanoi Love Stories” is the first album which contains his compositions about Hanoi and love, and performance of both Vietnamese and foreign artists. Already being performed by many artists, as well as common folks in Hanoi and recorded in many places in Vietnam, Denmark, France and Switzerland alike, the songs are a diverse music collection showing different colors of emotion and life.

Hanoi Love Stories” not only tells of romantic love stories, but also shares the complex feeling and experiences of Tri Minh about the life in Hanoi.

Come and enjoy his music and fill your soul with beautiful melodies about love and Hanoi.

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