Pho and Goi Cuon named among the most delicious in the world

Pho and Goi Cuon named among the most delicious in the world

The CNN Go staff has recently made a list of 50 of the world most delicious foods. The catchphrase: it is a list of foods "not to eat would be a crime".

Pho - the Vietnamese sensation that originates in the north and Goi Cuon (summer roll) - a staple in the south, have both scored their places on the menu, relatively at 28th and 30th. Pho is the most famous of all Vietnamese dishes, and it is gaining popularity worldwide. It is a tender mix of noodle, meat and the incredible broth that is the soul of every bowl.

Meanwhile, Goi Cuon is a wrap of shrimp, vermicelli, pork and a variety of herbs. Bland by itself, the dish shines only when a touch of the special peanut sauce comes in and brings out a divine hurricane of flavors. Nowadays, Pho is practically everywhere, but the northern Vietnamese taste buds are still a little shy of the southern delight named Goi Cuon. It is definitely harder to find in the north, as opposed to its fierce presence in the southern provinces.

So far, the United States takes the spotlight with the most representatives, coming in at 7. Thailand takes the grand prize for its Massaman curry. Having received 21,517 likes to this date, the CNN Go web article is criticized for its somehow lack of diverse geography.

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