“Panorama of Vietnam” photo exhibition on display in Nha Trang

“Panorama of Vietnam” photo exhibition on display in Nha Trang

18 photos about Vietnam taken by French photographer Thiery Beyne are put on display in the photo exhibition named “Panorama of Vietnam”, at Novotel Hotel in Nha Trang City, lasting to October 31th, 2011.

These 11 sequential and seven single photos in the exhibition have been taken by Beyne since 1997. As the exhibition’s title suggests, displayed photos are to give an overview of locals’ daily life, tradition as well as changes in Vietnam over the past 14 years by lively images.

Photographer Beyne is a member of a French non-governmental organization in Nha Trang named AVEED AMIS DU VIETNAM ENFANCE EN DANGER (AVEED), which aims at supporting needy children. Parts of the money collected from selling photos in this exhibition will be donated to AVEED to help poor children in Khanh Hoa province.

Graduated from Paris College of Art in 1978, Beyne came to Vietnam for the first time in 1997 and afterwards, he has visited the country every month. Frequent trips to Vietnam induce Beyne to comprehensive the country culture insights, people and life here. This freelance photographer has organized 12 photo exhibitions in Paris about life in Aisa, especially in Vietnam.

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