Ho Chi Minh Opera House delight tourists with monthly traditional music show

Ho Chi Minh Opera House delight tourists with monthly traditional music show

The Soul of Vietnam – a new series of performance for tourists which presents Vietnamese history and culture with traditional folk music will make its public debut at the Ho Chi Minh Opera House on October 15th, 2011.

The show which consists of three distinct parts with a total length of 60 minutes will bring to the audience a quick look at Vietnamese history from the early Hung King dynasty to the present. Especially, the background music for each part is created by typical musical instruments corresponding to a particular time period. 

In particular, the first part which describes Hai Ba Trung (the Trung sisters, c. 12-43 AD) riding two elephants to fight against the Chinese rule will be accompanied by gongs and stone instruments.

Meanwhile, the second part which reflects the Vietnamese diverse traditional music will be accompanied by a wide range of folk musical instruments. In this part, the audiences will join in a music trip from the North to the South of Vietnam which is guided by the Moon boy (or Chu Cuoi - a popular character in Vietnamese folk literature) to discover different kinds of traditional music like Hat Xam (the popular folk music in the North), Nha Nhac (the Hue Royal Court Music), and Cai Luong (the Southern Opera).

Inspired by the sounds on Saigon’s street, the Street Symphony by composer Nguyen Hoai Anh in the third part will bring the audiences breathes of daily life in Saigon these days.

Especially, five typical songs of five continents which are performed with Vietnamese folk musical instruments in the show will bring a new musical experiment and delight to the public.

The performance series, produced by Me Kong Artists Company is planned to take place monthly in 15th and 23th. With a view to be both entertaining and educational, especially to foreign audience, the show will be presented in both Vietnamese and English and promoted in local travel agencies.

Tickets (VND 80,000 to 250,000) can be purchased at Ho Chi Minh Opera House, no. 7 Lam Son Square, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city.


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