First international balloon fiesta in Vietnam in BinhThuan

First international balloon fiesta in Vietnam in BinhThuan

Vietnam International Balloon Fiesta 2012, the first global balloon festival ever in Vietnam, is projected to occur from April 26 to May 1 in Phan Thiet City and Hoa Thang Village of Binh Thuan Province.

On the main performing space of the festival up on Phan Thiet sky, 20-30 balloons, with the height from 20 to 25m and diameters from 16 to 18m are expected to fly under the control of 50 pilots from various countries including German, Japan, Indonesia, Belgium and France. These balloons fly up to the sky all day in an appropriate altitude and position for guests to admire.

The show continues till the evening with spectacular performances of all flying teams with colorful lantern effects.

Colorful balloon on Albuquerque International Baloon Fiesta 2011

Balloon festival is not an extraordinary type of event in various countries. Beginning in 1963 with the first festival in USA, it has become popular all over the world, and been considered a place where participants can watch magnificent giant hot air balloon in diverse size and appearances, but also an occasion when people gather together and enjoy extremely awesome festival atmosphere. In the world, some of largest balloon festivals are Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta (New Mexico, USA) or Briston Balloon Fiesta (Briston, UK).

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