Discover the “Traditional colors in Dong Ho paintings”

Discover the “Traditional colors in Dong Ho paintings”

The Korean Cultural Center in Hanoi is inviting you to come and enjoy the beauty of Dong Ho paintings in an exhibition titled “Traditional Colors in Dong Ho paintings” at 5.00pm, September 21th, 2011, held in its headquarter, 49 Nguyen Du, Hanoi.

The Vietnamese folk paintings will be featured in this week “Art Corner Wednesday afternoon” – a weekly program held by the center. As part of the program, one will get to understand the origin and history of Dong Ho paintings, as well as the materials involved and the processing of Do paper (a special type that is only used to make Dong Ho paintings). Moreover, with direct guidance of skillful craftsmen from the village, visitors themselves will get to practice the basic steps to make a Dong Ho painting.

This program is not only a chance for fine art lovers, but also for people who are interested in Vietnamese culture to find out more about this wonderful tradition of the country. Dong Ho folk paintings are lively and often reflect humorously on daily life, and at the same time representing the wishes of the people in the northern plain.

To make a reservation for the event and for a chance to receive special gifts, make your registration before September 21th, 2011 (Wednesday) by either:

  •  Directly sign up at the front desk (ground floor, Korean Cultural Center)
  •  Register by phone at 043 9445980~1 (ext: 115)

Fee: 20,000 VND

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