Bac Giang to hold 5th ethnic culture festival

Bac Giang to hold 5th ethnic culture festival

Information from the People Committee of Bac Giang Province reveals that its 5th ethnic culturefestival has been projected to be held from October 5th to 7th this year.

The festival is planned to commence with an opening ceremony entitled “Bac Giang – Shining Memory” at 8:00 am on 5th of October and followed by spectacular performances, which are settled into three sections with difference themes.

The performances would focus on tradition things such as folk singing festival, regional cuisine exhibition and traditional sports like crossbow-ing, wrestling and tugging.

Bac Giang is located in the northeast area of Vietnam, with huge tourism potential, in which cultural value is outstanding. This is where the culture of the ethnic community Kinh meets with ethnic minorities, to create a multi-cultural region. This is also the originating destinations of the intangible heritage Quan Ho (Vietnam traditional singing style).

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