Tre Ba De

Tre Ba De

Tre Ba De is a Da Nang-Quang Nam’s special cuisine made of pork. It has become not only the favorite cuisine of many local inhabitants but also a tasty dish that the people from all over the country love.  

In Da Nang, Tre Ba De is something similar to a “snack”. It is a spicy food that anyone ever tasted would never forget the mouthwatering flavor. At first, Tre Ba De looks like another famous dish that is really popular in the Northern part of the country called Nem Chao. However, Tre Ba De is cooked ways differently. The main ingredients include the meat and the skin of the pig. They are then sliced into small stick-shaped pieces and mixed with garlic and galingale. The mixture is kept covered from 2 to 3 days until it has the unique and intriguing smell of fermented pork, galingale and garlic. A good Tre Ba De dish must be wrapped in banana leaves and guava leaves, which boost the fragrance and make dish taste better.

The sauce used with Tre Ba De is Ba De chili sauce which is made by frying boiled and grinded chilies with many types of spices to create a spicy yet sweet flavor.

Found in most restaurants in Vietnam

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