Best Time to Visit Bac Kan: When to Go & Monthly Weather Averages

Best Time To Visit Bac Kan

The best time to travel to Bac Kan is from February to April. The reason is that this period of time in Bac Kan has normal and comfortable weather with cool and dry atmosphere. 

The period of time from November to February is the cold season in Bac Kan with the temperature is often sub-zero, therefore the scenery looks very gray and unattractive.

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The hot and wet season lasts from April to October with almost all rainy days, so visitors won’t have chance to visit outdoor destinations which are some of the most fascinating aspects of Bac Kan such as Ba Be National Park or ATK. Also, as it rains heavily, reaching Bac Kan by buses and other vehicles is more difficult. 

Monthly Average

See detailed guide to Bac Kan weather by month:

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