Quynh Phuong Rock Bank

If you travel in Nghe An Province, you will possibly hear about the most famous festivals of the fishermen in Quynh Phuong Commune.

Located on the coastline of the commune, the Quynh Phuong Rock Bank is a spectacular natural wonder which has been gaining great popularity recently.
Photo: vtv.vn 

Full of naturally sculpted stones of all sizes, the bank is 1km in length. It provides any visitor with a terrific view of the sea and myriad surprises as they start to unfold the mystery of the unique rocks. Indeed, besides the small pools of water, there are several footprints scattered on these rocks as well. According to some local inhabitants, once upon a time, there was an unknown man who earned to link Quynh Lap and Quynh Phuong communes together. He worked day and night, carrying soil and rocks from the highest mountain in Quynh Lap to the Lizard Mountain in Quynh Phuong. He used his hair to transport all rocks and soil, and then laid the rocks to form a road on which he could carry the soil. However, one day, he slipped and left his large footprint on the highest block of rocks, which accounts for the strange footprint that we see nowadays. After that, he gave up his will and disappeared, but his footprint has become a major attraction later. Today, even though it has been worn by waves after centuries, the footprint still remains its original shape with five “toes.”

It is not easy to reach the highest rock in the Quynh Phuong. But if you are adventurous enough, go for it! Once you make it to the top, a borderless space of blue sky and ocean will appear in front of your eyes, leaving you speechless. On the other hand,in case you do not think risking is a good idea, you can always enjoy the delicious oysters in the restaurants around the bank!

Useful Information

  • Location: The Unique Quynh Phuong Rock Bank In Nghe An
  • Best for: All visitors
  • Entrance: Free
  • Hours: Day time visit is recommended
  • Distance to city center: 60.2km (37.4 mi)

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