Do Son Beach

Though not as picturesque as southern beaches, Do Son is a popular choice for locals from nearby provinces wanting a beach break.


Do Son is one of the popular beaches among domestic tourists in the north of Vietnam, 20-km southwest of Haiphong and 105 km East of Hanoi. Do Son peninsula situated on the ancient continent, 22.5km in length along the coast from Cam river mouth to Van Uc river mouth. Do Son is often visualized as the head of a Dragon reaching toward a precious stone (Hon Dau isle), whisking its tail to go to sea that forms Bach Long Vi Islands.

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What To See and Do

Shortly after discovering Haiphong, the French colony turned Do Son into a summer resort for their expatriate community and Vietnamese upper class. Unlike Sa Pa, not many French architecture remains in Do Son. Nowadays, the beach is often packed with local tourists in the summer. After August until April of the following year, Do Son returns to its original beauty. With 2,450m of coastline filled with fine sand, shaded by thousands of sandalwood trees and surrounded by mountains and pine hills, Do Son beach seems to be an ideal beach for visitors from near to far. Interestingly, it has a suitable level of salt that protects your skin from sunburn when they swim, even at noon.

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At Do Son beach, besides swimming and water sports, do not miss the fresh seafood. There are good restaurants near the beach but watch out for one with sanest look. Recently, more resorts and casinos have been brought into use to cater to tourists’ demand. Check out hotel pages for more details.

Useful Information

  • Location: Do Son Beach
  • Best for: family, couple, solo
  • Entrance: Free
  • Hours: All hours
  • Distance to city center: 18.9km (11.7 mi)

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