Tiger Airways Baggage Allowance

Cabin baggage:

On any class of Tiger Airways flights, the passengers can only bring in the cabin one small piece of luggage with the weight of less than 7kg and the sum of the three dimensions (length, height and width) below 115cm. If you have any luggage that weighs more than 7kg, it should be included in checked baggage and kept in hold cabin of the plane. In addition to this allowed luggage, passengers can also carry one additional laptop small bag without being charged but they will have to be responsible for any damage that may happen to their properties.

Checked luggage:

If the luggage of the passengers weighs more than 7kg, they must check for this excessive baggage. Checking for luggage can only be done 2 hours before the flight’s departure time, and you are not recommended to put fragile and high value items in your checked luggage. The fee that is charged for checked baggage is distinguished by the time that the luggage is checked. Generally, if you check you additional luggage before coming to the airport, the fee rate is much cheaper, with 15 USD for 15kg excess, 17 USD for 20kg, 35USD for 25kg and 70USD for 30kg. If you register for the excessive luggage at the airport counter, the fee is higher with 30USD for 15kg excess and 20USD for each kg of excessive luggage above 15kg.   

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