Thai Airways Meals

Thai Airways is said to have good Asian taste in their meals. For Asian loving passengers, Thai Airways should be in your consideration in booking a flight. Flight attendants, in their national dress, are always smiling and asking if you need anything to drink, Short flight good service is a comparative advantage of Thai Airways. Main dishes and salad is said to be yummy. Especially, the dish “,buttered noodles and the peppercorn sauce” is Thai Airways’ specialty and should be tried. For desserts or snacks, you cannot miss Mango tart and candies. They are made in a unique way that brings you a new and good taste. Tropica fresh fruits are also available on Thai Airways.

However, the food served on Thai Airways might be too spicy to some people. Some desserts, such as coconut  dessert, are too sweety but tasty. Food is a little bit cold sometimes,too!

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