Singapore Airlines Meals

Singapore Airlines is complimented for its in-flight good service. Most passengers are pleased with high quality meals which are not only delicious but also have various options to choose from. Food is well spiced. Seasonings put with adequate amount makes its just right taste for customers. Fish dishes and fried rice are two recommended dishes. You may like the tender fish with sauces combine with a side of fried rice.

Meals on Singapore Airlines

Especially, if you are flying with Singapore Airlines during Chinese New Year occasion, a special Chinese New Year menu is available. Prepare yourself to indulge in a Chinese New Year lunch/dinner party with dishes you may never try before. Another good point is food is served with right temperature( not too cold or not too mouth-burning). Chicken is said to be tasty and one of the favorite’s dishes. Salad with oriental dressing may bring customers a new pleasant taste for their meals.

Singapore Airlines has some minus points in their meal service. Glass is said to be too small to save thirst. Besides, if you are a peanut lover, you may be unhappy with Singapore Airlines because they serve no peanuts in their meal service. For economy class, free champagne is no longer available.

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