Singapore Airlines Baggage Allowance

Check Luggage

Singapore Airlines flights to and from destinations such as Australia, Brunei, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom allow, each checked bag cannot exceed 32kg. Flights departing to and from US and Brazil allow 2 pieces maximum per person in Economy class, each of which  has a limit of 23kg and 32kg respectively. Except for these above-mentioned destinations, you are allowed 20kg for each of the two checked luggage. 

Carry-on Luggage

Moreover, under the policy of Singapore Airlines to cabin luggage, each passenger is permitted to carry one piece (for Economy class) or two pieces (for Suites, First and Business classes) of luggage. The weight restriction of each piece is 7kg, and the sums of length, height or width have to be less than 115cm. However, passengers can carry some additional items on the aircraft, including women bags, purses, umbrella, overcoat, laptop/mobile phone/entertainment devices, reading material and instant foods.

Excess Baggage 

If your baggage excesses the stated allowance, you will need to pay extra fee. First, you need to recheck them for transportation, which will include both examination and registration at the check-in booth.

Singapore Airlines charges the excess baggage. The first one is zonal pricing which is used for all location excluding USA and Brazil. There are 4 bands on this policy that are applied for different countries, and the price per kg is from $8 to $60 kg - the further the more expensive.

The second method to calculate checked baggage fee is piece pricing, which is used for departure and arrival flights in USA or Brazil.  Under this policy, the airline charges you on the number of pieces, not the weight of you baggage. Fee for checked baggage under this method can fluctuate between $85 and $165. 

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