Lufthansa Airlines Meals

Deserving its fame of being the number one airline in Germany, Lufthansa offers passengers the highest service quality in which in-flight meals are main focuses. Categorized menus of the airline can be described as excellent from First Class and Business Class to Economy Class.

The cooking team of Lufthansa, named Star Chefs, comprised of world class chefs uniting from different gastronomies to satisfy the diverse demands of all passengers around the world. Furthermore, the Lufthansa is proudly to be the only airline to inspire new chefs each two months to create a completely new menu with the purpose to deliver exclusive and varied service.

On flights departs from Germany to other countries, the twins chefs Thomas and Mathias Suhring who have lots of experiences as head chefs of major hotels and restaurant around the world will be in charge with Asian and Western culinary styles. On the opposite routes, passengers even have wider choices among Korean, Chinese, German and USA’s delicacies.

Some examples of the airline’s dishes are Wiener Schnitzel, Konigsberg meatballs, fried fillet salmon with Hollandaise sauce or trout with almond butter.

Lufthansa Airline’s wine list may be even more impressive that it serve at least 2.6 million liters of wine annually. In 2009, the airline was honorably awarded for “Most Consistent Wine List” by Business Travel Wine Award. Those achievements can be attributed to around 10 meeting a year a committee of external and internal wine experts, leaded by the world champion wine expert Markus Del Monego.

Up until now, Lufthansa Airline has barely received any negative feedback from passengers while almost every review or comment on travel websites like TripAdvisor or are praises.

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