EVA Ai Baggage Allowance

Hand Luggage:

On all class of EVA Air flights, the passengers are permitted to carry on one piece of free luggage with the maximum weight of 7kg and the maximum sum of the three dimensions (length, height and width) of 115cm. If the luggage weighs more than 7kg or exceed the size limitation, it will be treated as checked baggage and kept in the cargo cabin of the plane. In addition to this luggage, passengers can also bring in one small bag for laptop and proper amount of personal items such as purse, entertainment devices, instant food and mobile phone.

Checked Luggage:

Generally, passengers in all classes can only carry two pieces of free checked luggage with the sum of dimensions less than 158cm. However, the maximum weights for each piece for Economy and Elite classes are 23kg and 28 kg respectively, and these numbers for other classes are 32 kg. Also, if you travel in the Super Business Class or Business Class or Premium Laurel Class on the operated sectors of EVA Air, you are allowed to carry one more piece of free luggage with the weight limitation of 23kg.

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