Air France Baggage Allowance

Cabin Baggage  

Air France allows each passenger to carry one piece of baggage with the total weight less than 12kg if they are on Economy class; and if the passengers are on higher classes including Premium Economy, Business and First classes, they are permitted to  carry one more additional piece with the total weight of all pieces under 18kg.
Moreover, the limitation in sum of the three dimensions for each piece of carry on luggage is 115cm. If passengers travel with one children under 2 years old, they can bring one more additional baggage with the maximum weight of 12kg and sum of three dimensions of 115cm. Accessories such as laptop/mobile phone, handbag/purse or instant food are free to carry on board.
Checked Baggage

If you are travelling on the Economy class, you can only carry one baggage piece with the weight of 23kg at no extra charge. For Business and First Class, you are allowed to carry 2 and 3 baggage items respectively without being charged extra.
The restricted weight for each piece of baggage on Premium Economy is 23 kg while this number on Business and First class is 32 kg. Also, your pieces must have the sum of dimension less than 158cm. If your baggage breaches the limitation, you have to pay extra fee for that excessive luggage. The fee varies from 55 Euro to 100 Euro depending on different distances and regions. 
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