Air Asia Baggage Allowance

Checked baggage

Air Asia charge the checked baggage with different rate based on the time that passengers reserve for this luggage. If you make a reservation between the time of booking ticket and the time of checking in at the airport, you only have to pay about 10USD for a 15kg baggage, 11.5USD for a 20kg baggage, 13.2USD for a 25kg baggage and 16.5USD for a 30kg baggage. At the time of checking in, the fee for excessive luggage is calculated per kg with the rate of approximately 13.2USD per kg.   

Hand baggage  

On the cabin of Air Asia planes, passengers are allowed to carry two small luggage. These can be handbag, laptop bag or small cabin bags. The limitation of these bags is 7kg in weight and 115cm the sum of three dimensions, so that the carry on baggage can fit the storage compartment in the carriage. In addition, passengers can carry additional items such as mobile phones, hard coat and umbrella, entertainment devices and snack food on board. 

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